Banja Luka
The Beauty of Krajina, Banja Luka, is known as the city of green alleys, the city of youth, sport, adventure and beautiful women. Today, this city is the administrative center of R...
Prijedor is located in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina on the banks of the rivers Sana and Gomjenica at the foot of the mild and forested mountain Kozara. In terms of the area it ...ška.jpg
The Municipality of Gradiška is located in the northwestern part of Republika Srpska and includes Lijevče Field and Potkozarje. It is one of the oldest permanent settlements in t...ževo.jpg
The Municipality of Kneževo is located on a forested plateau on the northwestern slopes of Vlašić Mountain. Evidence of the rich history of this area can be found in the large ...
Kostajnica is located on the very border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It is located 100 km away from Banja Luka. The assumption is that the name Kostajnica derives f...š.jpg
Kotor Varoš
The Municipality of Kotor Varoš is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is surrounded on all sides by the mountain ranges Uzlomak, Borje, Vlašić and Čemern...
Kozarska Dubica
Kozarska Dubica is located on the right bank of the River Una. This Krajina town has a favorable geographical location and climatic conditions. The preserved ecological characteriz...
Mrkonjić Grad
The most important touristic attraction of the municipality is Lake Balkana, which is a touristic center located 4 kilometers from Mrkonjići. It consists of two artificially creat...
The Municipality of Prnjavor is located in the basin of the River Ukrina, between the mountains Motajica to the north and Ljubić to the south. It stands out for its excellent cond...ši.jpg
The Municipality of Laktaši is a well-known entrepreneurial center with about 40,000 inhabitants. It is located in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina not far from Banja Luka,...čelinac.jpg
Čelinac is located in the western part of Republika Srpska and abounds with pure rivers that flow through the area of Čelinac, gentle slopes, forests and the wealth of wildlife t...
The Municipality of Srbac is situated at the confluence of the Vrbas and Sava rivers in the far north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nature provides it with fertile plains, forested hi...šipovo.jpg
Šipovo is a wonderful Krajina town located in the west of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It lies on the pearl like mountain beauties the rivers Pliva and Janj as well as on the smaller r...
Objects in the environment
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