Situated on the banks of the Drina and Rzav rivers in the far east of Bosnia and Herzegovina Višegrad is one of the oldest inhabited places in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. ...žde.jpg
Goražde is situated on the banks of the central upper flow of the River Drina on the eastern slopes of JahorinaMountain at an altitude of 345m. One of the most beautiful towns in ...ča.jpg
Foča is located on the banks of the Ćehotina and Drina rivers in the east of Republika Srpska. Encompassing the strictly protected reserve Perućica, the greater part of the Rive...
Rogatica is located in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina along the mountain river Rakitnica. An area of outstanding natural beauty with clear mountain streams and rivers, ...ćgrad.jpg
If you want to escape briefly from the everyday cares, politics, noise, lack of culture and all of the other negative aspect of life today then there is no better place than Andri...
Objects in the environment
  Popular caffe in the center of Višegrad, across from the hotel, with an extremely friendly staff, homely kindness and high professionalism.Caffe is made with cozy interior and...