Hiking club "Trebević"
The mountaineering club ‘Trebević’ was founded a little more than three years ago yet despite its young age this club is one of the most active mountaineering clubs in Republi...
Hiking club "Čičak"- Čelinac
The Mountaineering Club 'Čičak' was founded on 17 December 2005 in Čelinac. The goal of the establishing this club was to organize hiking, climbing and other activities, such as...
Hiking Club "Konjuh" - Tuzla
The Mountaineering Club 'Konjuh' in Tuzla was founded in 1951 and is now one of the largest and most active clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On average, we have from 200-250 member...–-trnovo.jpg
Mountaineering Club ''Treskavica'' – Trnovo
The mountaineering club 'Treskavica' Trnovo was founded in 1985 in Trnovo. Until then it was a part of the mountaineering club 'Treskavica Sarajevo’, but had more activities than...