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Jahorina is a true snow beauty with rich landscape and vegetation and ideal conditions for winter sports. It belongs to the Dinaric Alps with its highest peak Ogorjelica located at 1,894 meters above sea level. Javorina was the original name of this mountain due to it being rich in mountain or Greek mountain maple (Javor - local).

Because of its unspoilt nature, forests and waterways Jahorina also provides a habitat for many wild animals. Nature enthusiasts used it primarily as a hunting and picnic area in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is a known fact that the first hotel ‘Šator’ (tent) was built in 1923, when the first skis were brought to Jahorina. Right after that, in 1928, the first ski club “SKI” was founded and this represents the beginning of the development of ski sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the early nineteen-thirties the first sports associations were founded and clubs organized the first skiing courses and sold ski equipment to the public.  The first skiing competitions were held during the same period with significant participation of women. Further development of sport and the sports infrastructure at Jahorina and its surroundings continued at a significant pace. The next few years saw the organization of the first competitions for biathlon, Alpine and Nordic disciplines as well as the first cross-country events for Yugoslav skiers. It is important to mention that up until 1941 around 8,600 participants took part in 120 different ski competitions.

It was around this time that the first visits of foreign tourists from Britain, Germany, Hungary and other countries were recorded.

Jahorina continued to develop in the period after World War II. During this period new ski jumps, ski slopes and ski lifts were constructed along with increased accommodation capacities that were built or renovated. It is interesting to note that the period up until 1984 abounded in national and international competitions. Yet this true snow beauty experienced its main boom in 1984 when the City of Sarajevo hosted the XIV Winter Olympic Games. During the Games Jahorina was host to alpine disciplines for women. Since then Jahorina has moved forward with great strides. New hotel facilities have been constructed, such as the hotels Bistrica, Termag, Vučko and Košuta, and the sports infrastructure improved.

Jahorina today remains what it has always been: a snow beauty and a paradise for tourists and nature enthusiasts. The natural beauty and ambiance guarantee joyful relaxing holidays throughout the entire year. Lovers of winter sports keep coming back to Jahorina year after year because they know that fun in the snow is guaranteed.

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