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Sarajevo is the capital and largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the most important administrative, economic, sports, cultural and academic center in the country. The city is located in the area of Sarajevo Plain on the old Roman roads in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Olympic Mountains Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman and Trebević surround Sarajevo on all sides. The average altitude of the city is 500m, with a moderate continental climate. The Miljacka River, which springs from the mountain slopes of Jahorina and Romanija, passes through the center of the city. The river is 35.9 km long and, together with the bridges that connect the left and right banks, represents one of the symbols of Sarajevo.

An interesting fact, albeit unsupported by official documents, is that one of the bridges spanning the River Miljacka was designed in the studio of Gustav Eiffel, the famous constructor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

One of the most important and the most popular bridges is certainly Princip Bridge or Latin Bridge. It was on this bridge that the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place, just prior to the outbreak of World War I.

In addition to its bridges, one of the characteristics of Sarajevo is its broad cultural and historical heritage. Each day a great number of tourists as well as locals pass through the old town market area known as Baščaršija, which originates from the Ottoman period. It is exactly here in the small streets where specific oriental architectural forms prevail that the spirit of Sarajevo is best felt. A testament to this remarkable city as an extraordinary host-city for tourists, travelers and passersby is the Olympic torch flame lit when Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1984.

Sarajevo is the leading city in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to of the number of registered overnight stays. Around 150,000 people pass through the inner center each day! The oldest parts of the city Kovači, Bistrik and Vratnik, the popular resort at the source of the Bosna, Bijela Tabija, the Olympic Mountains and the large number of museums, City Hall and the religious objects of the four world religions are just some of the characteristics that make Sarajevo such an attraction.  

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Aerodrom Sarajevo - direktni letovi
Zagreb, Beograd, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Beč, Budimpešta, Minhen, Kopenhagen, Keln, Cirih, Štutgart

Autobuska stanica Sarajevo - medjunarodne linije: 
Amsterdam, Pariz,Berlin, Dizeldorf, Keln, Frankfurt, Štutgart, Hamburg, Hanover, Minhen, Beč, Grac,Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Split, Makarska, Zagreb, Herceg-Novi, Ulcinj, Budva, Bar, Beograd, Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Skoplje

Ljubljana E70 Zagreb E661 Gradiška E661 Banja Luka E661 Zenica E73 Sarajevo
(551km, vrijeme vožnje: 7h 15min)
Budimpešta E73 M6 Udvar E73 7 Osijek E73 Bosanski Šamac E73 Sarajevo
(536km, vrijeme vožnje: 7h 15min)
Beograd E70 Šabac 21 12 Loznica 19 12 Zvornik M19 Sokolac E762 Sarajevo
(305km, vrijeme vožnje: 4h 20min)
Dubrovnik Route 20 Trebinje Route 20 Foča Route 18 Sarajevo
(246km, vrijeme vožnje: 4h 17min)
Podgorica  E 762 / M18 Nikšić E 762 / M18 Šćepan Polje M18 Foča M18 Sarajevo
(250km, vrijeme vožnje: 4h 20min)
Istanbul O-1 E80 Edirne E80 Čirpan E80 Sofija E80 Niš E75 E761 Mokra Gora E762 Višegrad E762 19 Sarajevo
(1168km, vrijeme vožnje: 15h 20min)

Železnička stanica Sarajevo - međunarodne linije:
Zagreb, Ploče

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Turist info: +387 33 580 999
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Autobuska stanica: +387 33 213 100, +387 33 213 010
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  Villa Melody is located in the Old Town in Sarajevo, only 100 meters from the famous Baščaršija. It offers modern facilities and free Wi-Fi. All rooms in the villa Melody a...