Slatina Spa is located within an excursion and rehabilitation center of the same name at an altitude of 216m. The rich springs of the thermal and mineral water are probably one of the reasons why this area has been inhabited since ancient times, which was confirmed by archaeological sites located near the spa as well as by Roman coins that were found at the springs of Slatina.

The first scientific research into the quality of the mineral water of the Slatina Spa was made by the professor Ludwig in 1888. Slatina, in addition to the spa water, is endowed with a source of drinking water ‘Kiseljak’, which was also famous at the time of the Romans.

The very environment of the spa is covered with beautiful forest terrain with numerous possibilities for excursions and many sports playgrounds are located within the complex. The latest program of the Slatina Spa offers a wide range of physical therapy, including thermotherapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, and vasculature, hydrotherapy with mineral water and underwater shower massages and baths in an indoor pool.

Treatment covers locomotor system diseases, neurological diseases, gynecological diseases and peripheral vascular diseases.

The waters are mineral with a temperature range of 40 to 42°C.

Slatina Spa

Zavod za fizikalnu medicinu
i rehabilitaciju dr Miroslav Zotovic
78253 Slatina, Laktaši
tel: +387 (0)51 587 222
fax: +387 (0)51 587 200