Vrućica Spa
Vrućica Spa is a medical and touristic center located near Teslić. The thermal mineral water, geographical location and humid continental climate together with the organized comp...šegrad-spa.jpg
Višegrad Spa
The Višegrad Spa is a pearl of nature and human creation located just five kilometers north of Višegrad in a thick pine forest 414m above sea level. One of the rare continental s...
Dvorovi Spa
Dvorovi Spa is located in the northeastern part of Republika Srpska, between the rivers Sava and Drina and the roads that connect Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The spa is locat...čanica-spa.jpg
Mlječanica Spa
The medicinal water of the Mlječanica Spa is more than 5,000 years old. The mineral water in this locality was first discoveries by the chemists E. Ludwig and S. Kratzer from Vien...
Slatina Spa
Slatina Spa is located within an excursion and rehabilitation center of the same name at an altitude of 216m. The rich springs of the thermal and mineral water are probably one of ...ši-spa.jpg
Laktaši Spa
Laktaši Spa is one of the oldest spas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The healing properties of its water have been famous since Roman times. The positive effects of the water were als...